Little Teddies

  • Little Teddies brief description

    Our Little Teddies classes provide an exciting assortment of visual and audio stimuli that will encourage exploration and aid your child’s intellectual and emotional development.
    • Little Teddies (Babies)
      The first two years of a child’s life are critical for brain and language development. During this 24-month period, a baby’s brain is hard-wired based on the life experiences they have already faced. These experiences often don’t seem like much to adults, but it’s these early encounters that lay the foundation for future intellectual and emotional development. It might not seem like it but babies are active learners from birth, trying to make sense of the sounds, sights and feelings they experience every day. A lack of physical ability means that babies ae sensory beings - meaning they explore the world with their senses – progressing to sensorimotor beings as they develop motor skills like crawling and walking. Babies learn with a lack of mental understanding. They teach themselves to manouvre through their environment without understanding the concept of what they’ve done. For example, they can roll, crawl or walk under a table or surface, without understanding what “under” actually is. At Little Pumpkins, we provide our Little Teddies with a safe environment that encourages exploration with various textures, sounds visionary stimuli for them to enjoy.
      • 12-24
        Month olds
      • 9
        Class size