Mini Pumpkins

  • Mini Pumpkins brief description

    During our Mini Pumpkins classes your child will develop the confidence they need to
    communicate with others and apply their knowledge to solve problems. This year is the beginning of their educational journey that will take them through school and beyond.
    • Mini Pumpkins
      As children progress to a stage more developed than toddlerhood, but not quite pre-school age, our aim is to introduce a structure and pace to our classes. Our Mini Pumpkins class is the beginning of their educational journey so we introduce a style of teaching that will be developed as they progress through their final years with Little Pumpkins and then on to school. Our learning methods at this stage are more structures and purposeful than in previous years, where children are taught the importance of learning and encouraged to approach every scenario with curiosity in order to develop a positive disposition to learning. During these classes we will teach the children to a point where they’re confident and believe that they have the skills they require to succeed. By the time they progress from Mini Pumpkins, they will have the confidence to think for themselves and apply their knowledge. to communicate and solve problems. Finally, they will understand how to work successfully with others, communicating effectively to solve problems.
      • 3-4
        Month olds
      • 8
        Class size