Our Chefs

  • In order to provide balanced, healthy meals of the highest quality possible, using ingredients from sustainable and traceable sources, we have a full-time nursery chef at each of our premises.

    Fully qualified to meet the latest food preparation, food hygiene and food safety measures, each of our chefs commits to regular refresher courses to ensure they’re constantly producing the best meals possible for our Little Pumpkins.

    Every piece of food to be given to the children on our premises has been freshly prepared in our dedicated nursery kitchen. The meals we serve include:

    • Breakfast – A range of non-sugared cereals, whole meal toast, water and milk
    • Lunch – A two-course, hot meal consisting of meat (protein), vegetables (vitamins and minerals) and potato or pasta (carbohydrate) and a fruit-based, light dessert
    • Snacks – A selection of dried fruit, breadsticks, rice cakes and a drink
    • Drinks – Both water and milk are available to children throughout the day. In order to lessen sugar intake and maintain healthy teeth, we do not offer juice at any time
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