Our Classes

    • Little Teddies and Teddies (Babies)
      The first two years of a child’s life are critical for brain and language development. During this 24-month period, a baby’s brain is hard-wired based on the life experiences they have already faced. These experiences often don’t seem like much to adults, but it’s these early encounters that lay the foundation for future intellectual and emotional development. It might not seem like it but babies are active learners from birth, trying to make sense of the sounds, sights and feelings they experience every day. A lack of physical ability means that babies ae sensory beings - meaning they explore the world with their senses – progressing to sensorimotor beings as they develop motor skills like crawling and walking. Babies learn with a lack of mental understanding. They teach themselves to manouvre through their environment without understanding the concept of what they’ve done. For example, they can roll, crawl or walk under a table or surface, without understanding what “under” actually is. At Little Pumpkins, we provide our Little Teddies and Teddies with a safe environment that encourages exploration with various textures, sounds visionary stimuli for them to enjoy.
      • 12-24
        Year olds
      • 9
        Class size
    • Tweenies (Toddlers)
      This is the age where your child will experience dramatic change. As they develop from a dependent baby to a much more independent child. As they reach our Tweenies class and progress along their path to pre-school, the children’s communication skills are developing and they move with purpose, asserting themselves effectively. It is around now where a child’s personality really shines through and we start to see their independence and individuality grow as they continue to gain control of their body and its functions. As the mood of a toddler remains unpredictable, we provide a relaxed environment for our Tweenies classes that allow our professional staff to alter their learning methods depending on your child’s current mood, interests and capabilities in order to provide a supportive environment as they continue to learn and develop.
      • 2-3
        Year olds
      • 12
        Class size
    • Mini Pumpkins
      As children progress to a stage more developed than toddlerhood, but not quite pre-school age, our aim is to introduce a structure and pace to our classes. Our Mini Pumpkins class is the beginning of their educational journey so we introduce a style of teaching that will be developed as they progress through their final years with Little Pumpkins and then on to school. Our learning methods at this stage are more structures and purposeful than in previous years, where children are taught the importance of learning and encouraged to approach every scenario with curiosity in order to develop a positive disposition to learning. During these classes we will teach the children to a point where they’re confident and believe that they have the skills they require to succeed. By the time they progress from Mini Pumpkins, they will have the confidence to think for themselves and apply their knowledge. to communicate and solve problems. Finally, they will understand how to work successfully with others, communicating effectively to solve problems.
      • 3-4
        Year olds
      • 8
        Class size
    • Pumpkins
      Our Pumpkins class marks the final year of the Little Pumpkins curriculum, which has been specifically designed to ensure your child develops and learns at the expected rate in order to prepare them for a lengthy and successful school career. Our professional learning programme is dedicated to ensuring that your child academic basics that your child needs. By the time they leave us and embark on their school career, your child will be ready to read, socially adept, have an understanding of the world and have a basic understanding of maths and science.

      • Reading – – We ensure that children are fully equipped with the vocabulary and language skills necessary to develop a love of reading and a desire to learn
      • Maths and science – By encouraging curiosity and interest, we develop a growing fascination with the relationships and forces that exist within the world
      • Social skills – From the very beginning of your child’s Little Pumpkins experience their listening skills, self-discipline and patience will all be developed in order to ensure they can communicate with others effectively to solve real world problems
      • 4-5
        Year olds
      • 15
        Class size