Sensory Room

  • The new multi-sensory room has been specifically designed to enable all age groups to enjoy a very wide range of sensory experiences for therapy, learning, relaxation and fun. A sensory room is extremely therapeutic for both children and adults with sensory processing disorders, however severe. In fact, being in a dedicated sensory environment is stimulating for anyone. A sensory room contains specialist equipment, each piece dedicated to stimulating one of the five senses. The sensory room will be tailored to address an individual’s unique needs, and ideally should be set up with input from a knowledgeable professional. The concept allows all children to interact with, change, influence and control their environments in a positive way. If necessary, we can focus on individual senses which is especially useful when a child has a specific difficulty. Configured by professionals, the sensory room at Little Pumpkins Nursery allows children to relax and learn in a safe environment that has been tailored to their needs. There is a variety of equipment available to use in the sensory room including:

    • A hand wall – This allows the child to press any coloured hand which then returns a musical sound
    • A bubble tube – Contains eight different colours
    • A vibro-acoustic body pillow – Allows children to feel the music rather than simply hearing it
    • A cushioned padded floor
    • Starlight ceilings – Allow manipulation of the room’s colour
    • Light tunnels
    • Sensory boxes

    The sensory room will be used by small groups of children of all ages and offers a diverse range of exciting and therapeutic learning experiences.