Tweenies (Toddlers)

  • Tweenies brief description

    Tweenies classes provide a relaxed and stimulating environment for your child to continue their successful development to pre-school age.
    It is here where your baby will develop into an independent child, full in control of their body and actions.
    • Tweenies (Toddlers)
      This is the age where your child will experience dramatic change. As they develop from a dependent baby to a much more independent child. As they reach our Tweenies class and progress along their path to pre-school, the children’s communication skills are developing and they move with purpose, asserting themselves effectively. It is around now where a child’s personality really shines through and we start to see their independence and individuality grow as they continue to gain control of their body and its functions. As the mood of a toddler remains unpredictable, we provide a relaxed environment for our Tweenies classes that allow our professional staff to alter their learning methods depending on your child’s current mood, interests and capabilities in order to provide a supportive environment as they continue to learn and develop.
      • 2-3
        Month olds
      • 12
        Class size